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How We Protect Both Our Owners and Tenants

System - Tuesday, December 29, 2020

At Landseer Management, it is our responsibility to protect our owners, tenants and our portfolio of investment properties. We offer a variety of ways to ensure consistent quality and continual care for our investment properties and your home 

Securing Our Owners 

People are our priority. With over 30 years of experience as a property management company, we understand the importance of every one of our investment properties and the asset it is to their owner. We secure our owners’ assets in many ways by: 

  • Providing a property assessment for each unit to get optimized rental value, 

  • Gaining crucial insights into the current market conditions, 

  • Determining owner’s cashflow from monthly rental value, 

  • Screening tenants stringently to find a financially stable and well-rounded occupants, 

  • Collecting rent,  

  • Supplying annual preventative maintenance evaluations to owners of their property to maintain and help increase the value of the property, 

  • Hosting an online owner portal so owners have full-transparency and an in-time record of all communication and activity that may be going on at the property, 

  • And by producing monthly and year-end reports so owners can fiscally track their real estate investment from anywhere. 

Protecting Our Tenants 

We recognize the worth of everybody's home and value each and every one of our tenantsWe protect our tenants in many ways by:  

  • Running a soft background check so tenants' credit isn’t affected,  

  • Providing ain-house maintenance company with 24/7 access in case of an emergency 

  • And by hosting an online tenant portal so occupants can report any updates or concerns they may have with their home. 

With generations of experience in the Northern New Mexican market, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and most comprehensive property management service in the area. We strive to exceed expectations for both our owners and tenants by focusing on providing the best possible customer service, so everyone is at ease.