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System - Monday, March 29, 2021

Residential and Commercial Property Management 

With the integrity of a family-owned business, the professionalism of industry experts, the kindness of people who care, the trust earned through 30 years of service, the satisfaction of serving our neighbors, the peace of mind that you are working with the best, and a relationship you can depend on, ware pleased to extend our services to the Los Alamos and White Rock area. 

We specialize exclusively in property management for residential and commercial properties and have been serving the Santa Fe community for over 30 years and the Taos community for over 10 years. Our pledge is to maintain each investment property, increase the property value, and provide the best possible support to our clients. 

Residential Property Management 

Our residential division has been offering Property Management for single family homes and condos for more than 30 years. Our team of Property Managers is very familiar with our local city ordinances, different neighborhood and homeowner associations' rules and bylaws. When renting homes, we make sure to take additional time to inform tenants of city ordinances, community rules, and tenant obligations as set forth in the lease. Tenants need to be informed that renting a single-family home or condo carries more responsibilities than an apartment or multifamily housing complex. We take the time to let tenants know they will be responsible for items such as yard maintenance, snow removal on public sidewalks, and of course utilities. This additional care ensures that our tenants take pride in their rental home. Our eviction rate is less than 1% and we return 75% of tenant security deposits in full. These stats speak volumes to our application, tenant screening, and leasing processes.  

Our residential division also includes apartment property management and multifamily housing management. We understand this type of real estate investment better than most local property managers. Multifamily and apartment management require strict and timely enforcement of property rules and lease provisions in order to maintain tenants' quiet enjoyment and maximize investor returns. Bad tenants in these types of housing situations have a tendency to cause good tenants to seek alternative housing options leading to increased vacancy rates, eviction rates, and increased property upkeep. Our maintenance team will also help to maximize returns to the multifamily housing investor. Our maintenance team can maintain and improve the value and aesthetic appeal of your local multifamily housing investment and help decrease vacancy periods by expediting improvements and general property maintenance between tenants.  

We offer multiple service options for our residential property management: full management service; lease only and tenant placement; preventative maintenance; and 24/7 emergency on call maintenance.  

Full Management Service 

With our full management service, we oversee everything, allowing you to sit back and relax and know that your property and your tenants are in good hands. This is our most comprehensive service providing our owners with the most value. Our full-service property management includes: photos, videos, and marketing of your investment property across ten real estate platforms; tenant screening including credit and background checks, past rental references, and employment verification; lease disbursements; annual 1099 preparation; evictions if needed; and 24/7 emergency on call maintenance.  

Lease Only and Tenant Placement Service 

Our lease only and tenant placement service is for the real estate investor who will oversee the ongoing management of the property after the tenant has been secured. Our service for this type of management includes: photos, videos, and marketing of your investment property across ten real estate platforms; tenant screening including credit and background checks, past rental references, and employment verification; and lease execution. Once the lease has been signed everything is turned over to the owner for management. 

Maintenance Service 

We offer maintenance services to enhance the property and ensure that it will retain or increase in value. We are proud to be on the cutting edge, offering full service, in-house maintenance. We have licensed contractors and plumbers on staff (GB-2, GB-98, and MM-1). We have developed a preventative maintenance program with inspections and checklists to give our owners detailed information on the conditions of their propertyThese inspections include itemized detail and repair estimates for all deficient items in the home or office. These inspections will help the owner to develop a maintenance schedule to catch up on deferred maintenance and maintain quality over time.  

24/7 Emergency On Call Maintenance  

This service is tailored to our owners and managers similar to our lease only services. Owners can contract with our maintenance department and have 24/7 emergency on call maintenance available for themselves or if they prefer, their tenants can also call us directly. We can customize your plan to be specific to certain types of issues (plumbing emergencies, heating issues, roof leaks, etc.) and to not exceed a certain cost without additional owner approval. This service is also great for the owners or managers operating a vacation rental business in the area. 

Commercial Property Management   

Our commercial division currently manages medical facilities, office complexes, warehouse and industrial parks, self-storage facilities, live-work compounds, and high-end art galleries. Our portfolio in Santa Fe includes the 1400 S. St Francis Plaza Real business center, over 150,000 sq ft of warehouse industrial space at the Richards Avenue Business Park, the Ironstone Gardens live-work compound, the 225 art gallery complex on Canyon Road, as well as various other properties around town. Our portfolio in Taos includes a strip mall and a variety of office/retail properties in and around the Taos plaza.  

Our commercial real estate services include full-service marketing, financial reporting and collections, and 24/7 in-house maintenance.  Our marketing department specialized in business strategy and uses current market analysis to target qualified prospects that have sound business plans for the local community. Marketing services include a rental analysis report; photos and video footage of each unit; and targeted tenant placement. Financial services include rent collections; monthly statements and income disbursements; and annual 1099 preparation. Management services include lease execution and continued rental market analysis year-over-year. And our maintenance services include 24/7 in-house general construction, maintenance, remodel and plumbing crews.   

Our commercial division is run by our CEO, Brant Goodman who is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM). As a commercial investor himself, he understands the need for quality representation and clear financial analysis to make well-rounded, educated decisions in each of our commercial transactions.  

We look forward to helping you manage your real estate investment property. Give us a call at 505.313.0099 or visit us here for a free rental analysis of your property.